Karibuni to KumbuKumbu!

The Curator



The Kumbukumbu Project is an open, online, and free repository for records documenting the history and culture of the LGBTIQ/GNC movement in Kenya. This major collecting and resource initiative will document people, places, organisations and events through primary source materials, including letters, photographs, newspapers and magazines, scrapbooks, diaries, journals, audio-visual materials, organizational records, books, posters, flyers and objects. It seeks to preserve the history of the LGBTI/GNC community and its rich heritage. It also seeks to be the first ever online resource for both queer and ally persons seeing a central platform for information, events, news, and records.

The Kumbukumbu Project will identify, acquire, preserve and provides public access to information and archival materials including important historical records, personal papers, unpublished documents, publications, audio-visual material, works of art, books, photographs, posters regarding the LGBTIQ/GNC movement. This innovative project, somewhat similar to the Gay and Lesbian Archives of South Africa[1], and others, will be the second only in Africa, and the first in Kenya. It will also play an important role in capturing the development of, and progress of queer organizing in Kenya. The resource will take a look into the lives and experiences of LGBTIQ/GNC people throughout the years as well as contain a one-stop-all platform.

The Archives are curated by Denis Nzioka; they are copyrighted number LT-015352 under the Kenya Copyright Board of Kenya.

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[4] http://planetromeofoundation.ga/denis-nzioka-news-agency-and-service/

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