Our Objectives

The Curator

We have three (3) main objectives that inform our work!

Create Kenya’s first online Gay and Lesbian Resource and Archives Center.

The Kumbukumbu Project will document same-sex sexualities in Kenya, historically, as well as showcase the emerging and vibrant queer movement through a series of personal papers, photographs, broadcasts, correspondences, audiovisual recordings, and sound bites, radio shows, organizational records, books, and journals. It will contain information on organizations, personalities, and events that shaped queer rights organizing.

Source for, document, present, and showcase the lives, stories, and biographies of Kenyan LGBTIQ activists (alive or dead), organizations and leaders.

We purpose to showcase the documentary heritage of the people, places, organizations, and trends that sustain and run the queer movement.

Collect, preserve, and making Kenya queer memorabilia and other collections accessible and develop archives that are for, by, and about us. We want an archive that is flexible and playful and one that is a living and breathing story of our lives.

This will be done by allowing LGBTIQ/GNC Kenyans to provide memorabilia, photos, and other historical items of significance, and through knowledge sharing (telling stories), to capture the diverse stories and development of the queer movement.

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