Our Strategy

The Curator

KumbuKumbu seeks to apply a multi-pronged strategy to achieve its goals. We aim to actively seek, promote and nourish:


The Kumbukumbu Project will greatly partner with and collaborate with Kenyan LGBTIQ/GNC organizations – this is for collection of materials, and information; in addition, it will engage with and receive materials from a number of activities, allies, and queer people; we will potentially work with media organisations, human rights groups; research institutes, and Universities


The KumbukumbuProject is a lifetime undertaking; and therefore, to be strategic about its sustainability, we will work closely with local LGBTIQ/GNC organisations that may potentially pick it up as part of the project; we will look at further donor engagements, and may register it with the Library Service as an institute; it is our hope that this initiative will birth an actual Queer Museum in Kenya. Furthermore, we hope to link and learn other GALA projects in countries such as South Africa, the US. We will be seeking active engagements on this from the start.


There are so many wonderful and interesting stories of LGBTIQ/GNC persons, and organisations that are not being captured; many older LGBTIQ/GNC persons are passing away and with them, a trove of memories about their own experiences; groups are being formed and closing down; there are society trends that come and impact our stories – The Kumbukumbu Project will seek to document the past and the current to ensure none is lost.

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